Lettings Administrator

Serena graduated in Architecture at the University of Genoa in 2001 and moved to London from Italy in 2016. She gained her experience over the past 15 years in Italy running her own Firm ‘Lughi Engineers and Architects Associated’ as Senior Architect where she was involved in the development of several new building and refurbishment projects.

Serena attended post-graduate courses in Venice (Italy) at the European Centre for the Preservation of Architectural Heritage – in Fano (Italy) where she obtained her Certificate of restoration techniques of Historic Buildings. 

In the 2016 she started working for Day One Network Ltd, a networking, marketing and communication business firm in London before joining Casa Londra in the 2017, when she supported the Team during the show room opening. Serena currently works as Letting Administrator, she is enthusiastic in helping clients to find ‘the perfect flat’. 

She is passionate about sports and loves to ride her bike to commute and explore London. Serena loves spending her free time with her husband and their daughter Allegra.


+44 (0)20 3405 4346