Home away from home

Moving house and relocating to a different country can be a daunting prospect. The differences between life in your home country and life in the UK will be substantial, particularly with respect to housing arrangements, education and social culture. Casa-Londra professionals have been living in London for over twenty years and will make you and your family feel at home from your very first day.

We will look after you every step of the way by sharing with you our contacts, experience and knowledge of British life. We will provide you with all the guidance and support you need to make a smooth transition

Casa Londra will make you feel at home in London from day one


Family lifestyle

If you have relocated along with your family, we can help you with researching schools and navigating the British education system in general.

British and Continental European education systems are very different from one another. In London there is a wide range of schools to choose from and most have very complicated admissions procedures. We offer our expertise in researching schools, alongside a profound understanding of both the British and Italian education systems.

From explaining the differences between state and private schools to accompanying you on tours with London’s top schools, Casa Londra supports you every step of the way.

Choosing the right school is fundamental for a family relocating in London: as a consequence, we strongly recommend starting with the school search at the beginning of the relocation.

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Our fees

The relocation fees are the following:

— Finding a rental property: 1 month rent + VAT 20%
— School research and British education system orientation: £1,000 + VAT 20%
— Orientation plan: £1,000 + VAT 20% for the package or £50 + VAT 20% per hour


Lifestyle in the capital

When you’re away from the familiarity of your home culture, adjusting to the London lifestyle can be stressful and confusing, even if you have good English language skills. At Casa Londra we are on hand to facilitate the settling-in phase by providing support in all aspects of your new London life. Given our twenty years of experience as Italian expats in London, we have accumulated a network of contacts for you to call in all sorts of situations that daily life can bring.