London search

When acquiring a London property for the first time, people are faced with many challenges throughout the negotiation process. This is because they are often unaware of the fact that UK estate agents work exclusively in the interest of the vendor and are under no legal obligation to offer support and assistance to the buyer. Casa Londra is not an estate agent. Indeed, it differentiates itself from a typical UK estate agency as it works in collaboration with, and on behalf, of the  buyer, providing all the help and market expertise needed to source and purchase a home in London.

Our search begins following a preliminary meeting, in which we endeavour to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements. Following this meeting, we strive to find properties that will match your top requests (location, dimension, proximity to schools and public transport) while sticking to the budget defined by you. If you are uncertain as to where to begin your search, we will invite you to explore various London Boroughs with us, in order to ascertain your area of choice.

Casa Londra works on behalf of the Italian buyer


Once you have chosen your ideal property, we will assist you in all negotiations in order to ensure that the property is purchased at the best possible price and conditions. We will also support the transaction by providing you with other services such as conveyancing, tax and legal advice and any necessary renovations or refurbishments.

We search the property market by working alongside local estate agents and our own private contacts. We then draw up a preliminary list of potential properties that fit your criteria and discuss these with you. Next, we visit properties in which you expressed an interest, compiling a shortlist of the best possible options. 

Once the shortlist has been compiled, we will take you to see properties by organising a tour. Due to this process, finding your perfect property can take as little as one day and sometimes even just a few hours. In any case we work tirelessly to source your perfect home, and do not give up until you are completely satisfied. Sometimes this involves reviewing the original parameters and sending lists of newly available properties on a weekly basis.

We will assist you in all negotiations in order to ensure that your property is purchased/rented at the best price.