Why choose Casa Londra?

Because in choosing our services you will have the support of our multilingual Italian team. With our Italian and English languages and skills, Casa Londra is the unique solution for Italians who want to buy an investment property in London or to live in town for a period of time. We also offer services in French and Spanish.

Because we offer a multi-disciplinary approach. Casa Londra can offer the whole range of property services and will be able to work with your specific requirements, from legal to financial, from property finding to architecture, management and letting.

Because of our expertise, qualifications and professional involvement on a personal level. Casa Londra is coordinated and managed by three key professionals including a lawyer, an accountant and a property consultant, who take great care of their clients. The result is an outstanding combination, highly personalised and refreshingly different from the run-of-the-mill London property specialists.


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