Helping you with financial planning

When you are purchasing a property abroad it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the tax environment in which you will be operating, as this will stand you in good stead for international tax planning, to reduce related costs and also to fulfil all regulators' requirements. 

As an additional service, Casa Londra also sources tax advice with regard to your property acquisition. We offer assistance with many other areas of your activity in the UK, from sourcing independent advice on mortgages and loans to opening a UK bank accounts. Needless to say, all of your relationships with financial institutions and Casa Londra shall remain strictly confidential.

Assisting you with legal advice

The legal process of acquiring a UK property can be a stressful experience for a foreigner, even a good English speaker. The help of property experts is essential to understanding English Real Estate Law and dealing with the concepts of freehold, leasehold and covenants. 

The acquisition process, better defined as “conveyancing”, is completely different from other property acquisition processes. This is because English Land Law derives from a mixture of Roman, Norman and modern legislative sources, and therefore presents peculiarities which can be only explained through an elaborate historical analysis.


All of our partner are authorised and regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) and have a profound financial knowledge of the City.

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Casa Londra simplifies the legal aspect of your acquisition by providing you with a bilingual lawyer, fully qualified in English and in Italian law and familiar with the differences between both legal systems.


We offer assistance throughout the entire process, providing a personalised service at competitive prices through our partnership with Child and Child. Casa Londra alleviates the stress of the legal process of buying a house in London; you will be able to ask any questions and receive the best possible advice and out property finder will be in daily contact with your solicitor, working in tandem to reach the desired conclusion.