Clients Accountant

Elena was born and raised in the picturesque and traditional area of Abruzzo.

After graduating from high-school with a major in Accountancy, she studied Economics and Finance at the Università degli Studi di Teramo.

From the early stages of her academic years she manifested an interest in knowing what both the entrepreneurial and corporate worlds were like, an interest which bloomed into a fruitful collaboration with a local SME where she handled Accounting & Administration related matters. Elena also had an internship in the Corporate Finance Division of Bank Tercas.

In 2014 Elena leaves behind her fascinating Abruzzo and settles in London where she joins a niche automotive company, covering a hybrid role in the Accounting and Human Resources department.

Currently Elena is part of the lively Casa-Londra team covering administrative and financial matters, not just because of affinity for numbers, but also for the fact that she believes, in good old fashioned Italian style, that a home is not the same thing as a house.

As a dynamic person, she enjoys sport, cycling and travelling, as well as preparing something from granny's cook book every once in a while.


+44 (0)20 3405 4346